Feb 11, 2013

Well I've had IT

It is so difficult to keep this blog updated, that I'm going to stop updating it.

I've been working on it for 3 hrs and in the end, it trashed everything I did.


Jan 5, 2013

Time to Move

South Bound

Part of our trip this time was to head south to Eleuthera and the Exumas, which is un-explored territory.  A lot of things you expect to find disappear, ie., WIFI, water, fuel, grocery stores or just about any king of store.
 First jump from the south end of Great Abaco from Little Harbor over to Eleuthera at Royal Harbor. We had to motor sail, which is sailing with the assist of motor to keep our speed up. We go into Royal around 3:30p which gave us plenty of light. Royal Island  is owned by Roger Staubach of Cowboy fame.  It was supposed to be a HIGH end resort but the financial bust changed the plans.  Pictures follow of the island.
Royal Sound anchorage

Pegasus at anchor
 On shore there is some fabulous ruins that was a factory that we have no information on what they made.  There is the owners and worker quarters that appeared to have anything they needed. Just a wonderful time exploring.  Will let the pictures tell the story.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell

You can see that Joan is keeping up with her excises.

Jan 1, 2013

New Years Day - Junkanoo

Party at New Plymouth

Green Turtle Cay


Over here in the islands they don't need any excuses for a party and Junkanoo is one of them.  They dress up in wild home made costumes and parade away.

Bluff House, White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Bluff House, White Sound, Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House, White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Standing on the roof to watch the parade

Teresa enjoying refreshments - Yea Right

Joan wondering who drank hers!

Who Let this guy in?

Dancing to the Music

Band getting fired up

What are you laughing at  Brian?

Rock the Crowd
12ft of water and it looks like glass

Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Years 2013

Party at Bluff House

Bluff House in Green Turtle Cay was having a New Years Bash and we attended with a bunch of other cruisers.  Bluff House gave free dockage for any boat that went to the party. Who are we to throw away free dockage, even if the dinner was outrageous.
Party on.

Table for a bunch of crazies.

Chris was in a party mood

Everyone was taking pictures of everyone else.  Who knows what stories were told.

Joan, Are you happy?

Find someone to pay the bill....

Dec 27, 2012

Still in Green Turtle Cay

Beaches are very sad.....

On the back side of Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound is a wonderful beach.
Chis and Dave from SV Felix the Cat

 Clear beautiful water and great for finding shells.

You can almost walk out to that little island about a quarter mile

Shoes? Who needs them?

Hey Joan, where you going?
Clear water.

Dec 25, 2012

Cruiser's Pot Luck Party

Cruiser's Party on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, in  Green Turtle Cay, behind Brendal's Dive Shop, Brendal hosts a gathering of any all cruisers in the area for a LARGE pot luck. Everyone brings a favorite dish and then the pigs hit the tables to devour. Most of the time the dishes don't need to be washed since everyone scrapes the bottoms clean. To top things off, Brendal makes some killer rum punch that after about three of the them you can't feel your legs. REALLY GOOD STUFF.
People standing around for the bell to start eating.
 After that who can move...

Well, Well I Found George(aka ThatBoatGuy) in line feeding his face. George helped bring a catamaran over from the states and we were not sure if he would make to the trough in time.

It was a hard time finding our dingy to go back to the boat after all this....

Dec 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Just in case we don't have internet for the next few days,  moving the boat today to a new area.

Merry Christmas 


Happy New Year

to all our family and friends..

Joan & Jim

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Visit Us.

Wow would you look at that! Jim gets a kiss from Santa. I must have been a very good boy.